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Online AAP application forms to be completed online:

Online Application for Membership

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Printable reactivation form for former members:

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Full Membership

Full Membership in the Academy requires a doctoral or professional degree in one of the following mental health fields: psychiatry, clinical or counseling psychology, social work, pastoral counseling, marriage and family therapy, counseling, or nursing, and licensure which allows for the independent practice of psychotherapy.

  • Specific training in psychotherapy with a minimum of 100 hours of supervision.

  • At least one year of full-time post graduate clinical experience (or the equivalent in part-time experience) for doctoral level applicants, at least two years for others.
  • A minimum of 100 hours of personal psychotherapy.

Other Categories of Membership

In the interest of promoting the development of experienced psychotherapists, one category of associate membership is offered for those with the intent of becoming full members.  These members will be working with a mentor as they progress to Full Membership. 

Associate Membership

  • has completed a relevant professional degree
  • is currently practicing psychotherapy under supervision appropriate to the licensure
  • has recommendations from at least three faculty, supervisors, and/or Academy members
  • has completed or is actively engaged in obtaining 100 hours of personal psychotherapy
  • agrees to work with an Academy member mentor
  • may be an associate for no more than five years

Student Affiliate

For students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program.  Application includes acceptable recommendations from two faculty, supervisors or Academy members.  

All membership applications are subject to the review and approval of the Executive Council of AAP.

Fees and Annual Dues

The nonrefundable application fee is $50. If you are accepted for membership, you become a member upon payment of annual dues. Current dues schedule listed below:

Full Member $395
Retired (no longer practicing psychotherapy) $195
1st Year Full Member
   (Rises $100 annually over the next two years)
Associate (and Former Post-Graduate Members) $195
Student $50

For information regarding membership requirements or to request an application, contact the Central Office at 518-694-5360 or
 you may reach the membership chairperson:

Nelia H. Rivers, LCSW

736 Darlington Circle, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30305 


Academy Members on YouTube

AAP Members go on-camera to talk about what the Academy means to them. 
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A playlist with 40+ members speaking 20-90 seconds is available on YouTube: Playlist


A personal reflection from one of our members:

Here are few of my key AAP memories, which I hope will help you get a sense of what AAP offers personally and professionally.  My life has been remarkably enriched by my participation in AAP.   I invite you to join us and share the bounty.

I was introduced to AAP by my therapist and clinical supervisor.  I attended a local chapter meeting, now called "salons", to meet other members. The people were engaging enough for me to consider joining, to risk both time and money and to register for the national fall meeting, the Institute and Conference (I&C). My first experience was striking.  When I showed up at the hotel and watched the enormous delight people had seeing each other again.  I was touched.  My image was of puppies wagging their tails, eager to play.  I realized that I was very lonely, by contrast, and saw an opportunity for a depth of connection that I was not experiencing in any community, personal or professional.  That initial perception proved to be accurate. Members were more personal at workshops than I expected and I soon found that I could learn more as a result of the AAP norms of self-disclosure and interpersonal risk.  The entire experience was even more meaningful than I had expected.  Then some generous people I met invited me to join their small peer group.  I have now been in this same group, with some turnover for 30 years.  Some members call these "family groups”.  Our group frequently meets at the I&C and always at the Summer Workshop, which is the other annual national meeting.

An important characteristic of AAP is that the person is valued more than the credential. As a psychiatrist in the 1970's, I considered myself a psychotherapist first.  I found it easy to join AAP due to our common excitement about the value of the therapeutic relationship, our desire to connect meaningfully with each other and our commitment to addressing our own emotional needs and skills.

AAP was the nation's first interdisciplinary psychotherapy organization, founded by psychotherapy's pioneers and original mentors. Even though experiential and interpersonal approaches to psychotherapy sometimes seem out of vogue in the larger culture, they continue to be at the heart of our values in AAP. You will find outstanding practitioners and teachers in most major schools of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, Gestalt, DBT, cognitive, and body work.

As  usual, I look forward to this year’s Summer Workshop, knowing that many people will be happy to see me and I will be delighted with our reunion. Meaningful intimate relationships have continued to develop organically for me, over time, and this is what other members tell me happens for them.   The commitment of the community toward deepening authentic relationships has facilitated my becoming aware of and exploring feelings that were not previously available to me. That despite my having had very talented and sensitive therapists, clinical supervisors, growth groups and friends.  It's as though some of my personal developmental gaps were partially healed with "corrective emotional experiences" in some safe group settings and with individual connections.  The personal and the professional are closely intertwined and my participation in AAP has helped me enormously in both worlds.

I wish you the same satisfying and meaningful experience that it has been my good fortune to receive from my membership.

-- Meyer Rohtbart MD