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Southern Region of AAP

The Southern Region of the American Academy of Psychotherapists is a very active part of AAP. We’re dedicated to keeping the art of psychotherapy alive and dynamic. AAP believes in the value of experiential, expressive, depth and humanistically oriented psychotherapies. AAP also believes in the importance of the development of the therapist on all levels. Our members believe in the essential value of these therapies and the emphasis on personal development of the therapist. Toward this end, AAP's activities have process groups and experiential groups throughout. 

Our Salons are entertaining, educational and enriching

Southern Region Salons are informal functions in the home of an AAP member or a cozy professional space. We normally hold one Salon in September/October, prior to the national AAP Institute and Conference, and another in January/February, prior to our own Spring Conference.

The Southern Region provides additional local opportunities for new and seasoned psychotherapists to meet and network.  We also provide an opportunity for graduate students and new therapists to get a taste of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Our mission is to help grow the Academy by introducing new therapists, graduate students and practicing therapists to our regional events. Those events include two informal Salons each year and an annual Spring Conference.

At our Salons, provocative and seasoned psychotherapists offer an experience of the Academy that is always entertaining, often educational, and frequently uplifting and healing. We all share in bringing food for a delicious potluck dinner that precedes the presentation.

Learn and grow at a Spring Conference

Our yearly Conference occurs in the Spring in settings across the Southeastern United States. We try to choose Conference sites that offer beauty and an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Past venues include the Balsam Mountain Inn in the North Carolina mountains and the Daufuskie Island Resort along the coast of South Carolina.

Our Spring Conferences are imbued with a warm and inviting atmosphere. In this supportive aura, attendees can learn, grow, and experience a unique organization of psychotherapists devoted to the highest caliber of personal and professional growth.

Southern Region events are open to all.

Spring Conference 2020   •   March 13-15   •   Hilton Head, SC

2020 Southern Region Spring Conference

Invitation to Self...

March 13-15

▶ Beach House ◀
Hilton Head, SC

Experience the AAP Southern Region

We look forward to sharing the academy with you. Come to a Southern Region event and share in an experience you won’t soon forget.

Please join us for an evening potluck dinner and salon experience. 
Contact person: Maureen Martin, Chair, Southern Region Committee    

Recent Salons and Workshops

2019 • Attachment, the Self, and the Therapist
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2019 • Who is Hiding Behind Your Self-Critic?
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2018 • Whispers of Affirmation
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2018 • Unifying Difference & Dualism • Being & Becoming in Therapeutics & Performance
(Atlanta, GA)
2017 • Experiential Group Psychotherapy
(Atlanta, GA)
2017 • Turning Lead Into Gold • Dancing with Transformation - the Supervisory Experience
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2016 • Symbolic Language • Listening to Our Inner Voices In Creating Relationships
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2016 • Dancing With Our Shadow • Power in the Psychotherapy Relationship
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2015 • Who? Me? Old? • Aging/Maturity in Life and Psychotherapy
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2015 • Risk vs Safety, and Other Paradoxes of Psychotherapy
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2014 • Transformation in Psychotherapy Using Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2014 • Beyond Our Reach or Within Our Grasp: Boundaries . . .
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2013 • The Sex Addict's Journey Toward Wholeness
(Sandy Springs, GA)
2013 • The Dangers of Not Knowing Your Dark Side
(Sandy Springs, GA)


Graduate Students Are Our Future

One of the goals of the Southern Region is to attract and welcome students. Over delicious potluck suppers at salons and through experiential workshops at our conferences, you get an "unplugged" experience with seasoned therapists who practice depth psychotherapy. Conference workshops are primarily experiential instead of didactic, emphasizing the emotional/psychological process of the participants over content. We are the beacon for long-term therapy in a time when graduate programs focus on short-term, empirical interventions.

We offer students free registration at our Spring Conference and make every effort to welcome and encourage those who pursue this rewarding profession. So, all students please join us and bookmark this web site to keep posted on our activities.

We look forward to sharing the Academy with you.

Southern Region Committee members include:

Meredith Albert, Chair

Meredith Albert, Treasurer
Erin Simone, Secretary
Melissa Beddingfield
Orion Crook
Mitch Foy
Maureen Martin
Nancy Moser
Annie Prescott
Barbara Thomason

Curt Arey


Southern Region salons from recent years include:

    2011 Salon, Michael Barnett, Emotion Focused Therapy. March 18
    2008 Salon, An Evening Encounter with Psychomotor Therapy, February 29

Spring Conferences from recent years include:


Spring Conference 2019   •   March 15-17   •   Young Harris, Georgia

2019 Southern Region Spring Conference

Hiding in Plain Sight
The Things We Do Not See

March 15-17

▶ The Ridges ◀
Young Harris, Georgia
Spring Conference 2018   •   March 16-18   •   Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2018 Southern Region Spring Conference

The Reconciliation of Opposites
A Meeting of Intimate Strangers

March 16-18

▶ Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort ◀
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Spring Conference 2017   •   March 24-26   •   North Georgia Mountains

2017 Southern Region Spring Conference

Turning Lead to Gold:
Dancing with Transformation

March 24-26

▶ Brasstown Valley Resort ◀
Young Harris, Georgia


Spring Conference 2016   •   April 1 - 3   •   St Simons Island

2016 Southern Region Spring Conference

At the Crossroads: Well-Worn Path or Uncharted Territory

April 1 - 3

▶ Sea Palms Resort ◀
St Simons Island, Georgia


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2011 The Role of Emotion in Psychotherapy
2009 Many Paths to Genuine Presence
2008 The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy: Celebrating the Process