The Ethics Committee

of the

American Academy of Psychotherapists:

In Search of Integrity and Responsibility in the Work

 We would like to introduce ourselves as members of the Ethics Committee and to tell you how our Ethics Committee works within the Academy.

We are: Marilyn Schwartz, Chairperson, Debbara Dingman, Vivian Guze, Carole Light, Penelope Norton, David Pellegrini, Diane Shaffer, Pat Webster, and Avrum Weiss .

A benefit of membership in AAP is that our Ethics Committee is available to provide free and confidential consultation about ethics and practice management. 

Important for you to know is that we are very different from most ethics committees or boards.  We see our primary role as educative and advisory.  We strive to further Academy members’ awareness of ethics through promoting workshops on topics pertaining to ethics, through our Academy Newsletter Ethics Column and through our availability for consultation.  We welcome your seeking us out about ethical questions, issues, or dilemmas that concern you. 

We also can be a potential resource to you if you are the object of an ethics complaint or an ethics investigation by a licensing board or other professional organization. Over the years, we’ve gained experience about best practices in dealing with professional licensing boards.  Unfortunately, many of these licensing board investigations have a “guilty until proven innocent” air about them, and the process can often be quite traumatic for the therapist who is being investigated.  In this event you are so involved, please contact the Ethics Chair or any member of the Ethics Committee. A member of the Ethics Committee will be assigned as a counselor to support you through this process.

We are very proud of the way in which our Academy Ethics Committee functions and welcome the opportunity to be of help to you.  We encourage you to approach any of us with your questions and concerns about ethics and any suggestions you might have for future ethics workshops or Newsletter Ethics columns.